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Team Work

Team Work

Team Work Makes the Dream Work by MargaretPost № 4 communication management...   ommunication is a recurring theme throughout project management. Project managers need to maintain communication with a variety of stakeholders and the project team members. Thus, an effective project manager needs to be skilled with interpersonal communication and team-building methods to help the project team remain motivated and committed to the project goals throughout the life of the...

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What’s Your Role and Responsibility?

What’s Your Role and Responsibility?

What's Your Role & Responsibility? by MaggiePost № 3 leadership...   n essence, project management involves managers determining the materials needed to accomplish a particular goal, the human resources needed for the project, each team member’s assignment for the project, and the deadlines that need to be met. The manager must also provide leadership so that the project remains on-scope, on-time, and on-budget. Project managers often utilize software programs to help...

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